Mirror on the Ceiling: 2017 Fiat 124 Spider

The 2017 Fiat spider (aka Fiata) is quite possibly the best roadster to hit the USA in the past decade. This 6-speed manual transmission equipped 124 spider in classico trim is just the right blend of spartan and feature-rich. The only downside to classico trim is lack of available heated seats. That's why the Lusso trim might be better for some coastal residents. However, the cloth seats are a welcome sight for those who like to go topless (when parked).

2021 Hyundai Sonata N-line

This sedan packs a serious punch. It would be a good idea to check this car out if you're in the market for a sports sedan. The 290hp engine and dual-clutch transmission sends power to the front wheels. Similar to the VW Jetta GLI, the Sonata N-line is a great commuter car with extra power that delivers an engaging and rewarding daily drive. The Sonata interior is designed as well as the exterior. Go check it out.

2021 RAM 1500 TRX

It doesn't take 702 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque to make a good truck great, but that's what RAM decided to do when it created the 2021 TRX. I was at the launch of the original TRX concept back in 2016 at the State Fair of Texas at Fair Park in Dallas, TX. Back then, the concept truck had a modest 575hp 6.4L Hemi. The game has changed since then, and gas prices saw the better part of $2/Gal. So in spirit, the TRX is likely to be a tragic end to gas powered trucks as we know it. With the EV trucks on the horizon, this TRX is the future classic that probably never will be.