It doesn't take 702 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque to make a good truck great, but that's what RAM decided to do when it created the 2021 TRX. I was at the launch of the original TRX concept back in 2016 at the State Fair of Texas at Fair Park in Dallas, TX. Back then, the concept truck had a modest 575hp 6.4L Hemi. The game has changed since then, and gas prices saw the better part of $2/Gal. So in spirit, the TRX is likely to be a tragic end to gas powered trucks as we know it. With the EV trucks on the horizon, this TRX is the future classic that probably never will be. The problem with this truck is with its fuel economy. The best I ever achieved was 8.3MPG. No matter how hard I tried to conserve, the tactics hardly moved the needle. So I moved the pedal more instead. The worst fuel economy? 7.7 MPG. So this truck is good at many things - and burning fuel is not so much a concern to the average truck owner until gas prices become stupidly expensive. In January 2021, I was spending roughly $30/day in fuel just to cruise around greater Dallas at $2.50/Gal for 93 octane fuel. Keep that in mind. It's a great truck, but the operating cost is going to be more than a $100k sports car. And when the day comes where EV trucks are all the rage, you'll hear EV truck nuts yammering on about how great it is not to visit shitty car dealerships to get sub-par, mediocre service when getting an oil change. The TRX is a great truck, and it's a sign that it's the last great truck until EV trucks come along. The truck is dead. Long live the truck!