2021 Acura TLX AWD Aspec

When Honda posts a $2.7B profit for their second quarter, you'd think their Acura flagship would be a miracle machine. However, the performance leaves you behind. The Acura TLX is as heavy as the Infiniti Q50. The Lexus ES350 is more powerful. The Honda Accord 2-liter automatic is faster than the TLX. In essence, the TLX is already antiquated and outdated unless there is a V6. The V6 TLX won't be here until next year. Wait on the TLX until you can find a V6.

2021 Lexus RC-F Fuji Speedway Edition

Behold, the best RC-F ever made. Granted, only 60 will ever be made. Festooned with weight saving measures, the RC-F borrows parts from the LCA. Carbon ceramic brakes from the LCA and carbon fiber drag surfaces made in the same factory that wove for the LCA supercar are just a few of the details that adorn this coupe. But with a back seat and a 2+2 layout, this could be a GT you've been looking for all along.

Bugatti Chiron Sport

When I was invited to drive the new Bugatti Chiron, it was hard to sleep for several days. When I fired up the W16, my adrenaline kicked in and I became comfortable with driving a $3.7m supercar through busy Houston, TX. A Chiron is a force of power so unrecognizable, it's best to describe it as the hand of God. I am now a changed man.